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Jakone Mobile Financial Products, Transactions Are Easy and Make Profits

"Jakone Mobile, the Most Pragtical and Profitable Digital Financial Application"

Digital financial service products are an urgent need for all elements of society. Because, now it has entered a contemporary era filled with technological freedom. All kinds of activities have been carried out by means of information systems. Likewise with financial services, trying to keep up with the times. If not, then you will miss a few steps with the others. The variety of financial digitization products will make it easier for you to carry out various transactions. It doesn't need to be done offline which will certainly take up a lot of your time. Especially for those of you who are super busy. Using digital means will facilitate access wherever you are.

Well, talking about financial products. Recently, Bank DKI conducted its latest experiment. Creating an application that can provide convenience in the financial world. JakOne Mobile, the latest product launched is digital based. Providing financial services in the type of Mobile Banking and Mobile Wallet. You can use it for financial transactions in every need. Especially, at merchants who collaborate with Bank DKI. You can also download the application on your favorite Android.

Why Choose Jakone Mobile Digital Financial Products?

Jakone Mobile, has become a trusted financial services product and provides the best service for its users. Its legality is guaranteed, especially being an application launched directly by Bank DKI. Of course there is no doubt about its credibility. Even though it is a new product, it always provides the best experiments for the satisfaction of the users. Moreover, the various facilities and benefits you will get, if you use this best financial application.

1. Anyone Can Use

The Jakone Mobile financial application is intended to contribute to anyone, so that transactions can be facilitated. It is proven that anyone is allowed to use this service both as a customer and non-customer of Bank DKI.

2. Easy Install the Application

Well, so you can have the application you don't need to be confused. How to install it is very easy. You can simply download it on a commonly used smartphone.

3. Simple and Pragtic Shopping Pay

Want to shop but still like rempong? You must search for ATMs first, then you can go to the store or supermarket. It's not the age anymore Guys. Being a Jakone Mobile user, paying for your purchases is simpler and pragmatic. You simply use the scan to pay feature in this application. So, even if you don't bring offline money you don't need to worry.

4. Financial Transactions Are Easy

Today is it still troublesome about mobility to pay for transactions? Think back. Because, using digital financial services, transactions are easy. Wherever you are, you can pay for all kinds of groceries and bills. These include e-retribution bills, Telkom PST billers, airplane ticket payments, water bills, cable television, subscription payments, telephone and postpaid cellphone bills

5. Get Discounts and Cash Back

It has been facilitated by financial digitization facilities, you still get discounts and cash back again. How tempting right? Every time you make a transaction, Jakone Mobile offers discounts and cash back for you.

6. Open an account without coming

If you want to open an account, with the use of this application you don't need to come directly. Without visiting Bank DKI, you can do open account processing digitally.

Well, that's the advantage you get if you use the Jakone Mobile application as a digital financial service product. There will be no loss if you install it. So, what are you waiting for? Download Jakone Mobile immediately, and feel the various conveniences provided in financial transactions. You can still get discounts and cash back again, really interesting.

Hurry up Make Your Hope come true!

Financial Transactions Are Easy, Profits Are Obtained

Jakone Mobile, Our Solutions All


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