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EKA BKJ, Realize Your Success!

Business, often proves to be the field of capitalism which is only a materialistic advantage. However, that is not entirely true. In particular, businesses held by Technopreneur often tend to provide solutions to people's problems. For example, such as Bilz Gates, Microsoft Founders who channeled most of it to charity funds. Then, how about a startup in Indonesia?

EKA BKJ, is a digital business platform with a branding sector that is opened to various partners and members. Become a solution for our success. Businesses that encourage shared economic development, and provide top solutions. Because, we have ideology as a business of humanism. Well, for more details, check directly below regarding the purpose of establishing this brand.

1. Open opportunities to Variety of Members Who Want to Professionalize the Potential in Working

We open opportunities for those of you who want to join as a Crew Member. For the sake of channeling skill or passion to be professionalized. The potential works that you can have can be included. Among such: About Informatics or IT, digital use websites and platforms, writing, graphic design, photograper, multimedia and video, calligraphy, painting, and the likes.

2. Give Solutions to Various Partners Who Want to Promote Business and Profession

Branding, is now very important for all of us. Good for business people or any profession. With branding, you will earn income. And, many people understand your quality. Likewise, your electability will also increase your business and brand awareness.

3. Advancing a Common Economy, People and Nation

If there are many Partners and Members that we help with their career and economic success, they can certainly advance the common economy of the People and Nation. Making people and nations will become superpowers and have dignity in the eyes of the world.

4. Realizing a Business Using Negotiation Solutions Win-Win

We have a win-win solution negotiation. Want everything to be mutually beneficial and profitable. Because it requires competition, it is a wrong mindset. We are challenging to succeed together.

5. Realizing the Business of the Ideology of Humanism
EKA BKJ, is present by using two vision, namely business and organization. Namely, we want to be useful in advancing the economy of the people and the nation through business. As well as, empowering and awareness through organizations both channeled through writing, video and real movement.

Hopefully, the built together progress will bring lasting prosperity and success. Even though they are in the same business, but instead support each other to succeed together. It's a real business substance, not money but advancing with each other.
So what are you waiting for? Yukz visit the site,

"EKA BKJ, Solution to Cooperation!"
"Our Economy Is Victorious"


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