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Check Out The Secrets Of Indonesian Famous Businessmen, Dahlan Iskan

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Dahlan Iskan is one of Indonesia's famous businessmen. He was born in Magetan, East Java in 1951. For his date of birth, he never knew when exactly. However, he set on August 17 because it coincided with the Indonesian Independence Day. In his childhood he was not as fortunate as other children. If other children can play together with their childhood friends, contrary to the successful entrepreneur Dahlan Iskan. He had to sacrifice time in his childhood to help his parents such as: Herding goats, mowing grass, becoming coolies in the sugar cane garden and others.

Not only that, his suffering in childhood was carried over to graduating from high school. He felt sour, the bitterness of life for his education. Even for school, he had to travel on foot. Not only that, he is also not as fortunate as other children who have good uniforms and lots. Dahlan Iskan only has one school uniform and used shoes. Even so he was not discouraged. So, until he was able to go to college. Even though he haven't had the chance to graduate because there are many things to do.

After graduating from high school, he tried to get out of poverty by trying his luck to Sebrang Island. He migrated to Kalimantan to start a new chapter in life. Bravely he lived in overseas city to pursue success. Courage in picking up the challenge, is a great opportunity in achieving success according to him. While in Kalimantan, he continued his education at Sunan Ampel Samarinda IAIN. But after becoming a student, he chose not to continue his studies. Because, he prefers to write and participate in other activities.

After not going to college, in 1972 he began his career to become a Reporter at the Pulpit Society, a small newspaper in Samarinda. However, he pursued that career only until 1975. A year later, after stopping being a Reporter at the pulpit Society he switched professions. Dahlan Iskan chose to become a journalist for Tempo magazine.

Because of its consistency in running a business, over time his career has improved. Until 1982, he served as Head of the Tempo Media Bureau in Surabaya, and was trusted as the Head of the Jawa Pos newspaper.

Dahlan Iskan is one of the most important figures in the Java post. He was able to develop Jawa Pos significantly within five years. Five years later Dahlan Iskan formed the Jawa Pos News Network, which became the largest newspaper in Indonesia. Not enough in wrestling the print media, he also expanded its wings in the electronic field. He founded the local television station JTV in Surabaya.

Not only that, Dahlan Iskan also continued to expand its wings. In 2009, he ventured into the communications industry. Dahlan Iskan built a lau cable communication connection that connects Surabaya and Hong Kong with an optical fiber length of 4,300 kilometers. Not wanting to give up, Dahlan Iskan also entered several other businesses. For example, such as: Electricity, petroleum, agribusiness, property and others. Confidence, strong intentions, courage and consistency and never give up make his name known to the people of the world. Who would have thought that someone who was born out of poverty, rural could conquer the rigors of life in the world, so he could become a famous person in Indonesia.

Thus the article from us about the character of a successful and inspiring businessman, Dahlan Iskan. Hopefully it will be useful for all of you, to be a motivation for success in business. That's all from us, and thank you.







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